Imagine a soda that's not just bubbly and delicious but also guilt-free and diabetic-friendly. That's the story of AlluSoda, our labor of love, born from a family's challenge and a quest for a healthier lifestyle.

It all started in our kitchen, a place of countless experiments and a few funny mishaps (like that time a SodaStream taught us a fizzy lesson!). We had a clear goal: to create a soda that we, and millions like us, could enjoy without worry. With a long family history of diabetes but a deep love for soda, we embarked on a journey to find that elusive sweet spot – literally.

Our adventure led us to allulose, a little-known sweetener that was a game changer. But we didn't stop there. We dove into the world of natural sweeteners, exploring monk fruit and stevia. However, not just any monk fruit or stevia – we were on a mission for the best. Our choice? The higher-grade V50% monk fruit for less aftertaste and the unique Reb M variant of stevia, a real diamond in the rough with way less aftertaste.

By August 2022, what started as a family project in our kitchen had blossomed into AlluSoda, a name that we hoped would soon be on everyone's lips. Fast forward to December 2023, and we were stepping out of our kitchen and into the big leagues, teaming up with professional formulation company to perfect our flavors.

Let's talk about taste – it's been our obsession from day one. After numerous trials and taste tests, we hit the jackpot. The result? A soda that's not just good for a zero-sugar drink but a fantastic soda, period. But this journey wasn't without its challenges. Sourcing our premium ingredients wasn't easy, especially for a small startup like us. It was a balancing act between uncompromised quality and practicality, but we stayed true to our vision.

December 13, 2023, was a milestone – the day AlluSoda flowed from our dreams into thousands of cans. Finding a manufacturer who shared our vision, especially our stand against preservatives, was crucial. We wanted our soda to be as pure and natural as our intentions, and we found the perfect partner to help us achieve just that.


Now, as we look to the future, AlluSoda is more than a beverage – it's a movement. With online sales kicking off and plans to hit retail shelves, we're bringing our dream closer to you. And we're not stopping at our original flavors. Think Creamy Root Beer, Black Cherry Cola, Blood Orange – the possibilities are endless and exciting.

But AlluSoda isn't just about quenching thirst; it's about building a community. A community that values healthy living, enjoys life, and believes that good taste and good health can go hand in hand. Whether you're diabetic, on a keto diet, or just someone who loves a good soda, we're here for you.

So, here's to AlluSoda – a dream born in a family kitchen, nurtured with passion and perseverance, and brought to life for everyone to enjoy. Every sip is a toast to health, a celebration of taste, and a step towards a brighter, bubblier future.

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