We began developing our soda's in our kitchen casually starting in 2019 when we discovered allulose. Then in 2022, with positive results and lack of great sugar free soda options on the market, we decided to pursue starting a business focused on using allulose as the primary natural sweetener.

By late 2022, we outgrew the capabilities of our kitchen. Things like specific carbonation levels, tunnel pasteurization results and sourcing of natural fruit and vegetable coloring was challenging. We interviewed numerous formulators to help us get to the next stage and signed a contract in January 2022.

A good formulator is critical to developing a product that can scale from a few thousand cans of soda to millions. After going through about 50 samples to get the taste just right, we finally feel we have nailed it! Of course we are biased but we believe we have developed the absolute best tasting zero sugar soda on the market. Using only natural sweeteners and no "diet" aftertaste. With just a few final tweaks to make sure we will only use non-GMO ingredients, we are ready to move on to the next major phase of AlluSoda- manufacturing.

We have been vetting co-packers (beverage industry term for companies that actually brew and package the soda). We should also have our can sourcing completed by mid-July. We will be booking production time and look to have finished product sometime in September 2023.

This is an exciting time for us. Formulation was a long drawn out process of constant iteration and recipe tweaking. Now that we have signed off on the final formulation, things will move fast and we look forward to bringing AlluSoda to life. Initially, we will sell directly on our website and through Amazon but we will also be working to get distribution nationally.

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