Monk fruit sweetener has rapidly gained traction in the natural sweetener market, becoming a household name for many health-conscious individuals. While it's celebrated for being a zero-calorie, natural sweetener, what many might not realize is that not all monk fruit is the same. The sweetness we get from monk fruit doesn't come from fructose or glucose, but from powerful antioxidants called mogrosides. Among these, mogroside V reigns supreme for its superior sweetness and clean taste.

Understanding the Monk Fruit Grades

Delving into the world of monk fruit, one would encounter terms like "V 30%", "V 40%", and "V 50%". If a product is just labeled "Monk Fruit" it is likely the lower cost V 30% version. These classifications represent the purity levels of mogroside V in the sweetener:

  • V 30%: This grade offers 30% mogroside V. While it provides sweetness, it's less potent compared to its higher-grade counterparts and can come with a more noticeable aftertaste due to other less-sweet mogrosides. This is the lower cost option and most common.

  • V 40%: Upping the ante, this grade delivers 40% mogroside V. It's a mid-tier grade that strikes a balance, offering enhanced sweetness over V 30%, yet might still carry a slight aftertaste.

  • V 50%: At the pinnacle of purity, V 50% boasts a whopping 50% mogroside V concentration. This grade provides an exquisite, refined sweetness that closely mimics the taste of sugar, with minimal to no aftertaste.

While each grade has its merits, it's clear that the higher the percentage of mogroside V, the cleaner, and more sugar-like the taste.

Why Allusoda Chooses V 50% Monk Fruit

Enter Allusoda, the game-changing beverage that has made waves in the soda market. As the creators behind Allusoda, we are acutely aware that the foundation of an excellent soda lies not just in its fizz, but more importantly, in its taste. And let's face it; no one enjoys a drink that leaves a lingering bitter or strange aftertaste.

We primarily use allulose as the main sweetener and then add a bit of Reb M and V 50% Monk Fruit. Given the variety of monk fruit grades, Allusoda had a choice to make. It could opt for a lower-grade sweetener and compromise on the end product's taste or go for the gold – the V 50% monk fruit grade. True to its commitment to delivering a stellar product, Allusoda has chosen the latter.

Our use of the V 50% grade is testament to our unwavering dedication to quality. We recognize the essence of a great-tasting soda — one that delivers sweetness without the guilt, and more critically, without any bitter aftertaste. By harnessing the power of high-grade monk fruit, Allusoda ensures that every sip is a delightful experience. The smooth, clean sweetness of V 50% monk fruit not only elevates the soda's flavor profile but also aligns perfectly with our brand's mission to offer a zero sugar alternative without compromising on taste.

Navigating the world of natural sweeteners can be overwhelming, given the myriad of options available. However, understanding the nuances, such as the different grades of monk fruit, can empower consumers to make informed choices. Allusoda's commitment to utilizing the highest grade of monk fruit underscores its dedication to quality and taste. For those who seek a soda that delivers on flavor, health, and overall experience, Allusoda, with its V 50% monk fruit, is the answer. It's not just about sweetness; it's about the quality of sweetness. Cheers to a guilt-free, great-tasting soda experience!

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