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In a world where sugar-free options are all the rage, it's no surprise that beverage companies are re-formulating and launching more zero sugar versions than ever before. However, many sugar-free drinks are using artificial sweeteners like aspartame, acesulfame potassium (ace-k), saccharin and sucralose that have been linked to health problems such as headaches, digestive issues, glucose intolerance, metabolic syndrome, destruction of gut microbiomes and more. In the US, we don't tend to view food ingredients over time but rather just the immediate acute impact of an ingredient. There is very clear and numerous research linking these artificial sweeteners to a variety of chronic health issues.

They are even banned by health oriented retailers like Whole Foods. They are popular because they are very low cost and adopted by the mainstream beverage companies like Coca-Cola Company, PepsiCo and Dr. Pepper Snapple Group. Their formulations using these artificial ingredients are readily available at just about every grocery store, restaurant, fast food establishment and vending machine. While these ingredients are technically zero sugar and don't spike blood sugar with a single serving, the long term health effects are troubling. It is beyond the scope of this website to list the numerous studies but here are just a small assortment if you are curious:

Beyond all the negative health issues associated with artificial sweeteners, none of them even taste quite like sugar. "Diet" soda's are simply a compromise that some people are willing to accept. It's ironic that over-consumption of artificial sweetened beverages may actually lead to weight gain and obesity as your body builds up an intolerance to glucose and the doesn't satiate your hunger so actually leads to increased consumption.

That's why we set out to create Allusoda, a sugar-free soda that only uses all-natural ingredients that are significantly healthier for you and taste great. Our main sweetener ingredient is allulose which not only tastes identical to sugar but also has prebiotic properties that improve gut health.

Why Allulose?
Allulose is a type of sugar that is naturally found in small quantities in certain fruits and grains. Unlike artificial sweeteners, allulose is a low calorie, zero glycemic sugar that provides a similar taste and texture to sugar. It has 70% of the sweetness of sugar and is metabolized differently by the body, making it a healthier alternative to traditional sugar. While most of allulose is not digested and excreted in urine, the small amount that does travel to your small intestine is showing prebiotic benefits to restoring gut microbiome health.

Comparing Allusoda to Competitors
Many sugar-free sodas on the market today use artificial sweeteners like aspartame and sucralose. The recent trend of "zero sugar" soft drinks typically also add acesulfame potassium (ace-k) as the taste profile is slightly better. These sweeteners have been linked to a variety of health problems and are made in a laboratory, not found in nature. In contrast, Allusoda is made with allulose, a natural alternative sweetener that provides a similar taste and texture to sugar without the health risks associated with artificial sweeteners.

AlluSoda vs olipop vs diet coke vs coke zero vs pepsi zero vs virgil

Another advantage of Allusoda is its taste. Many sugar-free sodas using artificial sweeteners have a distinct artificial taste that can be off-putting. Allulose provides a sweetness that is similar to sugar, allowing Allusoda to taste like a traditional soda without the added sugar.

Allusoda is a better alternative to traditional sugar-free sodas on the market today. By using allulose as its main sweetener, Allusoda provides a similar taste and texture to sugar without the health risks associated with artificial sweeteners. Give Allusoda a try and see for yourself why it's the better choice for a healthier, tastier soda.