We love soda but cringe at the taste of diet & sugar-free soda options. Recently, there have been some great sparkling water options and even some lower sugar options. But there was just nothing that filled the desire and taste of a true soda.

With a long family history of diabetes and even linking gout flare ups to high fructose corn syrup, our family gave up on soda all-together. Then in 2019, we read a story about Allulose being given GRAS status (generally regarded as safe) and dove deep into research. Study after study kept indicating the great benefits of allulose. We started to see availability of allulose in grocery stores and began experimenting with drinks and even baked goods. We fell in love with allulose. Friends and family enjoyed the snacks and drinks we prepared with allulose and we decided to make the leap and try to launch a new beverage concept starting with soda.

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